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Perry Mamaril

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Sculptor, installation artist, theater production/lighting designer, film art director and sous chef, Perry Mamaril hails from the mountain province of Northern Luzon, in the Philippines. He attended St. Louis University and University of Baguio in Baguio City in the Philippines where he studied Architecture, Engineering and Electrical Communications.

His use of bamboo – a nationally recognized symbol of the resilient nature of the Filipino people – and other native Philippine materials is greatly influenced by the indigenous culture in the northern Philippines. Mamaril’s bamboo light sculptures and installations comment on the convergence of the traditional and contemporary, first and third world, rural and urban environments.


Sculpture | Light | Installation Art | Film | Architecture



Katrin De Guia

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Katrin was born in Munich, Germany, where she met Tahimik who was filming his documentary Mababangong Bangungot (Perfumed Nightmares). She first came to the Philippines in 1974 and has since then resided in Baguio City. Her interest in Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP) was stirred by Tahimik and his fellow artists.

She graduated cum laude with a diploma in Sculpture and Conceptual Art at the Staatliche Aakdemie der Bildenen Kuenste Muenchen in Munich. In 1996, Katrin received her doctoral degree in Indigenous Philippine Psychology from the University of the Philippines.


Sculpture | Conceptual



Post Graduate Research 1999 – 2000

TOWARDS A THEORY OF FILIPINO PERSONALITY: Personality Profiles of Contemporary

Filipino Culture–Bearers TOYOTA FOUNDATION (SEANRP)

Publishing Grant 2001 – 2003



Conference Grant 2004

PAGKATAONG FILIPINO – Looking For The Filipino Among Filipinos


Art Tibaldo

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Art Tibaldo is a true multimedia artist. He studied Fine Arts (Major in Painting) following the tradition of the conservative Thomasians. He took up courses in filmmaking, video production and joined Baguio’s mass media in the early eighties as a photojournalist He has produced award winning short films, MTVs and video documentaries. He served the Philippine Government under five Presidents as an Information Officer. Curently, he works as a Media Specialist of the Department of trade and Industry-CAR and at the same time produces a local weekly cable television program…the “This is Baguio TV Show” by Cordillera News Agency-Television. 



Paint | Film | Journalism | Photography



Received three major awards during the 2005 Media Awards Night of the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcaster’s Club namely:
-Television Cameraman of the Year Award
-Television Anchorman-Program Host of the Year Award and
-Print-Contributor of the Year Award

2003 – Chosen one among the TEN OUTSTANDING CITIZENS OF BAGUIO (TOCB) for Journalism, Culture and the Arts. Awarded during the Baguio Day celebrations.

Narda Capuyan

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Leonarda “Narda” Capuyan, the woman behind Narda’s Handwoven Arts & Crafts. A family planning nurse who became a successful artist, exporter & entrepreneur. Narda started at 1970 in la Trinidad at Benguet, Philippines weaving blankets from recycled acrylic yarns. This was where it all began almost 40 years ago. Back then, weaving blankets and recycling acrylic yarns were just a pastime for her.

During that time, she encouraged the women of her town to take up weaving. This was her alternative method of family planning – to keep the women busy and distract them from further making babies.

She bought scrap yarns in garment factories for a small sum and gave it to the women for weaving. She then paid them for their work and took the finished products and sold it to her friends.




Facebook | Website


Golden Shell Award                        Ministry of Trade                                                1982

 AGORA Award                        Philippine Marketing Association                        1989

Noly Pobre

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Noly, as he is fondly known to Baguio old timers is an outstanding Filipino contemporary artist based in Switzerland where he has an art shop. He was a former painting and architecture student in St. Louis University, Baguio. He was an apprentice of the famous Pilipino Comics writer and illustrator, Francisco V. Coching, and worked part-time as a layout artist at the Publishing Show Business Magazine under Writer/Director Danny Holmsen. 

He ventured off to Switzerland where he worked as a Display Decoratoer and Painter at the Warenhaus Jelmoli S.A. in St. Gallen and Zurich City, and where he also married Isabella Zotti – the mother of his three children. 


St. Louis University, Baguio 




Sun Star (Padilla: Art exhibit of Switzerland based artist Noly Pobre ends)

Awards and Distinctions

He won and honored Several Prïzes in Local Art Competitions in Baguio City and National Students Art Competitions, Sponsored by the Shell Companies Inc, in Manila. 

He was commissioned as a Church Artist-Painter and Restorer in Vorarlberg, Austria. With the Firm KURT SCHEEL in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria. 

1967:  First Prize / On the Spot Painting Competition, Summer Ragatta in Baguio City. Prize Donors: Senator Honorable Gerry Roxas

1968:   Consolation Prize / On the Spot Painting Contest, University of the Philippines in Baguio City.

1970:   Honorable Mention Award, On the Spot Poster Design Competition, XX National Students Art Competition and Exhibitions in Manila,  Sponsoring: Shell Philippines.

1971:  Award of Merit, On the Spot Poster Design Competition. XXI National Students Art Competition and Exhibitions in Manila, Sponsoring Shell Philippines.

1971:   Third Prize, On the Spot Painting Contest, University of the Philippines in Baguio City.

1971:   Third Prize, On the Spot Sculpture Contest, University of the Philippines in Baguio City.

1972:   First Prize, On the Spot Painting Contest, University of the Philippines in Baguio City.

1972:   First Prize, On the Spot Sculpture Contest, University of the Philippines in Baguio City.

1984:   First Prize, Goldmedaille/Painting Category, 2nd GRAND PRIX DES ARTS, EUKKO Europa Künstler Kollegium, KIS Galerie/Riedt-Erlen, Thurgau, Switzerland.

1984:  Fifth Prize: Sculpture Category, 2nd GRAND PRIX DES ARTS, EUKKO Europa Künstler Kollegium, KIS Galerie/Riedt-Erlen, Thurgau,  Switzerland.

1985: Third Prize, Sculpture Category, 3rd GRAND PRIX DES ARTS, EUKKO Europa Künstler Kollegium, KIS Galerie/Riedt-Erlen, Thurgau, Switzerland.

2005:   First Prize, Teddy Bär Design Contest/TEDDY SUMMER ZÜRICH 2005, Sponsored by SWISS YOUTH HOSTEL in Zürich City. Prize/Round-Trip to Manhattan New York City for 2 Persons. 

Paul Sunggay

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Abstract painter Paul Sunggay not only paints, but also owns a dogmeat restaurant in the very dangerous Katipunan Street. He is a member of the Vocas painters of De Guia, who is the son of a filmmaker named Kidlate Tahimik. His mother pressed him to take over the Katipunan Cafe, so he took a chance and turned it into a gallery and bar that locals and tourists love going to today.Each time Katipunan Bar launches a new piece, veteran rocker Pepe Smith never fails to attend, drawing with him a good crowd of beer guzzlers. 


Paintings | Acrylic | Oil | Abstract 


Business Inquirer

Intu Ka’t

Peter Pinder

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This artist owns a house in Baguio that all vacationists should peep. He specializes in fiberglass sculptures, and a lot can be found in the house that we speak of. He is married to Ella Pinder (formerly Ella Picazo), although he has twins, namely Azra and Samantha, from another marriage. Both are artists as well and have made their own names in the Baguio art scene. Just like Peter, a lot of artist move to Baguio for a climate that’s more beneficial to artistic inspiration. Peter hails from the UK but upon arriving Baguio, he immediately fell in love with the place and decided to live his life there.  


Paintings | Sculpture | Fiberglass | Leather | Wood

Mark Tandoyog

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He is a painter who mostly painted Cordillera scenes with punk sensibilities. This went on and on until he discovered something that was called slogan art. He is now into silkscreened slogans covering on topics like art, sex, and rock and roll on canvas.   This guy believes in balance in everything, even in the most unlikely twosomes.  


Paintings | Slogan art | Silkscreen | Oil | Acrylic 


Pop-Art | Folk


Intu Ka’t

Carlo Vilafuerte

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He inherited his sewing skills from his mother and paternal grandmother. His mother was a seamstress at a garments factory and he would watch her do work the whole day. He started making one-of-a-kind functional pieces in 2004 and sell them in the sidewalks of Session Road at night. An artist named Kawayan De Guia discovered Carlo and his talents and encouraged him to further hone his skills and explore his craft.  

Martin Masadao describes Villafuerte’s works as “a mélange of polka dots, floral, paisley, op art, madras, tweed, denim, batik, cotton, wool, double knit, et cetera fuse together with metal scraps, buttons, stones, wire, and what-else, in artworks that are well thought out.” 

Types of Work

one-of-a-kind functional pieces and crafts 


Fabric | Thread



Joey Cobcobo

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Cobcobo is an Igorot who grew up in Mandaluyong since he was very young. A multi-awarded painter, printmaker, and woodcarver, Joey is an exceptional artist who combines different types of disciplines in his works. This is return reveals a contemplative interest in the person who looks at his works. He has had the experience of channeling his creativity into his works with the help of prayer and unyielded faith.  


Contemporary and transmedia approach to traditional art practices 


ArtSlant Profile

Ateneo Art Gallery 

Daigdig Pinoy (Nothing to Declare Exhibit at Yuchengco Museum)


Short-listed in the 2009 Ateneo Art Awards